From I to We.

In this time of change, the new We is emerging, which harbors a new, brilliant future for you.

  • We have reached the end of an evolutionary phase and are heading into a future that we can shape ourselves.
  • Life is change and we have come to a point where it has just become clear to everyone.
  • Looked at soberly, we are at the crossroads: either let yourself be determined or determine yourself.

Do YOU decide to take the necessary quantum leap into the next evolutionary stage?

That now depends on the decision of each individual.

A new human species is just developing through decision:

  • People who take full responsibility for their lives.
  • People who live their vision of life and thus make others happy.
  • People who are no longer guided by money and wealth, but by their happiness.

And there is a massive attraction taking place in the social, morphic resonance field:

  • People form co-creations to allow the potential of each individual and everyone associated with them to flourish.
  • With the co-creations, people become specifically active through their calling.
  • This is exactly how the co-creations become the active units of the new civilisation.
  • The co-creations thus shape the emerging culture of awareness, gratitude and happiness.
  • If we let the magic of the community happen in the co-creations, then we live the new We on the new earth in this moment. — And with this we realise the dream of all great mystics in the world.

We are building the new We.

With the happiness project, the nu-civilization is building the new We. The nu-civilization is an Austrian research association with its network of mastermind groups. In this network you will become very specifically active by contributing your calling. In this way, the nu-civilization promotes success-oriented people who build the new We.

The Happiness Project

We invite you, to be part of something bigger. We invite you to be part of the Happiness Project.

Receive the inevitable success factors for this as e-book so that you can start immediately:

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Johann Wolfgang von Goethe described the situation, when you really decided to only follow your goals, intentions and visions as follows:

“As soon as you finally commit to a task, providence moves too. All sorts of things – that would otherwise never have happened – come to happen to help you. A whole stream of events is set in motion by your decision and it provides for your own benefit numerous unforeseen coincidences, encounters and material aids, that no one could have ever dreamed of before.

Whatever you can, start it.

Boldness carries genius, power and magic.

Start now.”

(Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)